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Since 1979. till nowdays Fabrika bakarnih cevi Majdanpek (Copper Tube Plant Majdanpek)
is a specialized manufacturer of copper tubes highly ranked through Europe. The top quality
is ensured by the level of installed equipment, the applied copper tube manufacturing technology and the high-quality raw material.

The production runs under strictly controlled conditions.
Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 (Certificate No. FM 86683) - certified by British Standards Institution.
Copper Tube Plant Majdanpek is proud owner of quality marks: KITEMARK (U. K. ) , KIWA (Holland) , WHI (Canada) , DWV (Canada) . . .
Material: DHP Cu (according EN 1057) 99,90% Copper min; 0,015 - 0,040% Phosphorus.

Copper tubes are manufactured in the following sizes: outer diameter 5 - 76 mm; wall thickness 0,35 - 2,50 mm, and in the following quality: soft, half-hard and hard. We, also, produce plastic coated copper tubes.

Delivery and packaging conditions:
soft copper tubes: 25 and 50 meters - coils
(packaging: each coil in plastic bag, cardboard boxes on palettes)

soft copper tubes: LW coil (80 - 120 kg weight)
(packaging: cardboard spools on palettes, covered with plastic foil)

soft copper tubes: up to 6 meters, straight length
(packaging: wooden cases)

half-hard and hard copper tubes: up to 6 meters, straight length
(packaging: bundles covered with plastic foil)

Plastic coated copper tubes - packaging: palette.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
15000 tons per year
ISO 9001&3A2000
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
20 tons
Terms of Sale
per contract