Sell Cordless Hair Iron (Straightener)

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Product Synopsis
Speedy & Efficient
World first luxury CORDLESS hair straightener !!!
For use normally in home, travel, work, IN EVERYWHERE !!!

World first charging & discharging technology adopted to hair straightener.
The own-developed WORLD FIRST & state-of-the-art MPT ( Micro Platinum ) heater technology adopted.
- Maximum energy (temperature) generating technology.
- Obtain the highest yield (efficiency) from the minimum power resource.

Auto diagnostics function for safety & convenient use.
- Stable control of setting temperature.
- Battery low lamp warning function

- Over-heating block system/Automatic power-off system.
-Visible display in every stage of operations.
- On/Off stage. (Orange light)
- Temperature selection in each stage. (Different color of LED lamp for I, II, III stage)
- Battery low warning LED lamp. (Red light)
- Charging stage display on the unit.

Three stage temperature control button & display.
- Select (I, II, III stage) with just one button.

voltage: charging adaptor power AC 110-230V, 50-60Hz, 1,000mA
battery power:
- Rechargeable batteries (4xAA rechargeable battery / Recommendable over 2,300 mAh) using.
- Charging through AC/DC & car adapter. charging time: 3 hours (full charging condition)
product weight: 230 g (4xAA rechargeable battery Included)
product size: 195 x 40 x 35 mm