Sell Cordless Presenter/Rc Laser Pointer L-102

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L-102 functions as a remote control, a wireless mouse, a laser pointer . When using Microsoft Powerpoint, it allows for seamless presentations.
1. Features of L-102
[Remote Control]
L-102 functions as a laser pointer and a PC remote control. It enables you to make presentations without any assistance. L-102 can control multimedia programs such as Winamp, Windows Media player as well as MS powerpoint. [RF Transmission]
L-102 minimizes directional and installation problems of the existing infrared devices, by applying RF to the data transmission. Maximun detecting area is 15M so you can move freely during presentations. utilizes device I. D. codes, so multiple l-102 cannot interfere with each other. L-102is made to meet standard USB 1.1 or 2.0, so it is adaptable to any computer such as IBM and Macintosh. L-102 can be used with a keyboard and a mouse at the same time by using the USB Port. [Design]A refined design of L-102 is suitable wherever you use it.

2. Composition of L-102 L-102consists of a Transmitter and a Receiver. a laser pointer When using Microsoft PowerPoint, it allows for seamless presentations. It is very useful for teaching, meeting assorted PC & slide. It is wireless remote control to show the files through computer. The product had been approved by CE & FCC certification!

L-102 RC Laser Pointer apply usb and RC technogy, combines the functions of computer remote control and laser pointer. And it is a great tool of pc or notebook to work together with projector, for the presentation of products, electrical classroom and lectures. With the range over 15m, you can operate your computer easily in the every corner of the room. L-102 RC Laser Poiner is combined by RC receiver, laser pointer, RC transmitter and have three function key: laser key, up key and down key. RC sender is a very important signal component to control the computer remotely; Up key and Down key is good to control you computer text; laser is very necessary to show the important parts of your text and to attach the interests of the people.
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