Sell Cordless phone--two line

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1. Dual outline function: Handset and base could communicate seprately at the same time
2. FSK/DTMF dual system compatible
3. Both handset and base have Line 1 and Line 2, they could transfer and inercom
4. Both base and handset have 49 groups incoming call numbers and 8 groups outgoing call nubmers could to be saved, checked and dialed out.
5. Pre-dial function & filter local code
6.60,000 security code
7. Both base and handset have an indication of hang off phone
8. Both base and handset have redial, delete, pause function
9. There are some channels for choice automatically or by hand, to avoid disturbance? and overhearing
10. There is an warning of low electronic power
11. Both base and handset need electronic power to support normal work .