Sell Cored Wire Feeder Machine

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Our machine is designed to allow for the injection of One to Six wires alternatively
or simultaneously. Assortment of these machines allows precise feeding of Aluminium
wires and cored wires from between 9 to 21mm wire sequentially or simultaneously at
speeds from 0 to 300 meter / min.
The machine is made up of the following
 Number of pinch rolls per strand: 3
 Box with cylindrical gearing with
inclined teeth.
 Funnel for the guidance of the wire.
 Automation electrical equipment.
 Heavy-duty time belts and time pulleys to avoid slip for Power transmission
Inject solid Aluminium wire and cored wire for
 For controlling the shape of inclusions.
 To improve fluidity and cast ability.
 To improve the cleanness and cold ductility for wire drawing.
 To control blowholes and improve mach inability.
 Desulphurisation in steel casting.
 Up to 6 strands can be used for cored as well as solid wire with following
 For cored wire size up to 21 mm in diameter.
 For solid wire size up to 16 mm in diameter.
 Maximum speed of injection 300 M/min adjustable by variable A. C. / D. C Drive.
 Can be used to feed wires simultaneously or sequentially at set speed.