Sell Coring Tool & Core Barrel

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Conventional coring tool, containerized coring tool, sealed coring tool, oriented coring tool, wireline coring tool, horizontal coring tool, directional coring tool and other coring tools for oil and gas drilling are available.

Conventional coring tool is designed for basic coring

The outer barrel is made up of high density steel with more than one stabilizer

Stainless steel, fiber reinforced plastic and PVC inner barrel are available

The length of outer barrel and inner barrel is equal (9.2m) , They can be assembled into diverse barrel

The stabilizers are welded with carbamide alloy, their surface slippery and non-pore

In the case of core barrel is jammed, it is easy that the inner barrel and core sample were separated at safety joint and taken out

More than 5 forms of core catcher are designed for different formation

Rich and diverse coring tool accessories are available, they make operation more simple and cost more cheap, especially for expensive drilling

Containerized cores remain in the protective inner barrel or liner when retrieved. The containers permit well site core gamma logging when required. These core containers protect the integrity of the core material during recovery and handling. The coefficient of friction between the core and the inner barrel is also reduced.
Disposable liners and inner tubes enhance the coring parameters by improving core recovery, enhancing the rate of penetration and reducing the potential for jamming.

Stainless steel inner barrels can be used in high pressure and high temperature coring applications, being capable of withstanding temperatures up to 4000 F (2050 C) . Fibreglass barrels are limited to applications where bottomhole temperatures do not exceed 2480 F (1200 C) .

The purpose of oriented coring tool is to gain comprehensive and reliable information on various formation properties that other forms of coring cannot provide. The properties determined include formation dip and strike, direction of formation deposition, direction of maximum permeability, direction of fluid migration, stress orientation, fracture azimuth and formation anisotropy. The ease with which a core barrel assembly can be used for oriented coring applications makes this a highly versatile and economic service

When a core is oriented, hole azimuth and inclination are recorded along with a record of the core's original orientation relative to its native formation by use of a reference mark on the core itself. The knife continuously scribes the core to provide maximum reliability in identifying the reference marks. A telescopic alignment instrument is also used to accurately align the reference knife and the survey instrument.

The sealed coring tool is used in applications where improved formation evaluation is required at lower cost. The system makes coring more cost-effective while obtaining truly representative reservoir samples.

This technology prevents static filtrate invasion and preserves wettability properties of core material. The system features two unique elements - a pre-loaded inner barrel containing a non-invasive encapsulating gel and downhole encapsulation of the core sample to isolate it from the drilling fluid.

Cost savings are achieved by providing quality core samples for reservoir analysis, preserving the core wettability, protecting the core's mechanical integrity and eliminating static invasion of the core.

The wireline Coring system is economically viable in applications where costs seem high with conventional coring systems. Coring-while-drilling provides high rates of penetration because of the high technology PDC bit design used, quick tool changes and no drill string trips to obtain core sam ples with minimal interruption of the drilling process