Sell Coriolus Versicolor Mushroom Extract Powder

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Coriolus versicolor is a medicinal fungus, its products has been wildly used in clinical use for treating chronic viral hepatitis, chronic bronchitis and liver cancer, it also can improve weak immunity.

The polysaccharides extracted from Coriolus versicolor fruit body , mycelium or fermentable extract are powerful in anti-cancer activity. Many researches have been founded that active ingredients in Coriolus versicolor are the Polysaccharides and Polysaccharide krestin (PSK , a protein-bound polysaccharide) and Polysaccharide-Peptide (PSP) . Its Polysaccharides have antitumour activity against various tumour cells in rats , sarcoma -180(80%) and ascites cancer(100%) .

The Coriolus versicolor material that we used for extraction is 100% wild and free from any chemical and pesticide problem.

We have a GMP certified extract factory to produce all kinds of Coriolus versicolor mushroom extract. We possess a complete set of advance equipment for extraction, refinement, column chromatoraphy, condensation and desiccation. Our quality control laboratory is well equipped with most advanced instruments, such as HPLC, UV, GC, AA etc.

We can supply full series of coriolus versicolor products, such as coriolus versicolor mushroom raw whole herb, coriolus versicolor mushroom raw powder, coriolus versicolor mushroom fruit body extract powder, coriolus versicolor mushroom mycelium extract powder. We also do OEM service, and we can produce according to the customs specific request.

1. Coriolus versicolor mushroom Raw Whole Herb
2. Coriolus versicolor mushroom Raw Powder
3. Coriolus versicolor mushroom Extract Powder with polysaccharide 30%
4. Coriolus versicolor mushroom mycelium Extract Powder
5. Other Coriolus versicolor products according to your request

1) Coriolus Versicolour is an herbal medicine used along with other treatments for cancer.
2) It is used to dispel dampness, reduce phlegm, treat pulmonary infections, and to support liver health in china.