Sell Corn Cob Grit

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Corn Cob Grits is an excellent Abrasive & Absorbent Media suitable for use in Polishing, Drying, soft De-burring, De-flashing, Blast cleaning of Engineering, Metal & Plastic components/parts. It is completely Biodegradable and does not stick the components while being used for removal of Moisture, Oil & Grease, imparting Surface finish, Luster/Gloss & soft De-burring of components. It is suitable for use in Tumbling Barrels/Drums, Vibro Finishing M/c, Herperisers, Centrifugal M/c, Rotary Drum Dryers, Sand Blasting M/c, etc.

Corn Cob Grits is highly versatile product with diverse application. It is available in several grades of uniform particle sizes designed to suit end-user requirements.