Sell Corn Fired Boiler

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Kozlusan floor heating system with solid fuel is designed to burn all sort of coal, olive pomace, corn, wooden pellet, wood shavings that has 25 mm diameter or smaller.
Unlike the similar heating systems, there is no risk of smoke leakage from fuel depot.
It is highly productive.
The system lasts longer because of the high-quality material that is used in the furnace.
The Boiler is covered with special isolation equipment.
The models which have between 40.000-800.000 Kcal/h capacities are available to provide heating for desired areas.
Automatic Fuel-Feeding:As the Fuel feeding system is at the bottom and automatic, it provides economic usage. According to desired temperature, The Solid Fuel in fuel depot can meet the demand for nearly 2 or 3 days.
Fuel-Feeding Control: Two-timely time relays are used in the boiler. Factory product is adjusted according to small coal pieces.
Fuel-Feeding and Temperature Control:It is possible to adjust with LCD monitor and adjustable microchip electronic card.
Safety Arrangement:The temperature control is controlled by two different thermostats. Boiler thermostat enables the boiler work according to desired and adjusted temperature.
Ash Removal System: The System puts out the ashes automatically. This system pours the ashes out of the machine or to ash boxes by combing the both sides of burning crucibles with double-spirals. (Patent right for company)
Uncovering the fire, Coal Spreading and Mixing System: The fossilized-ashes which exist in normal boilers burning-chamber, prevent fire from burning continuously and productively. This system enables %100 continuous burning because of its front-rear moving and full automatic mechanisation. With this system, user does not deal with problems such as opening the lid, mixing and taking the ashes.
Besides Kozlusan loading redictor, there isanother motor redictor which is used for the systems of mixing, spreading coals, breaking the fossilized-ashes and uncovering the fire.