Sell Corn Gluten Meal----Super Prime

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Corn Gluten Meal
Granule Corn Gluten Meal
Specific: Crude protein min 60% Crude fat max 8% Coarse Ash max 2% Moisture max 10% Fiber max 2%
Powdery Corn Gluten Meal
Specific: Crude protein min 62%60% Crude fat max 7%8%
Coarse Ash max 1.2%3% Moisture max 10%10%
Fiber max 2.1%1.5%
Origin: Shandong of China
1) natural yellow pigment and abundant aminophenol
2) assist to grow and disease-resisting
3) Perfect for stockbreeding and feedstuff industry
Package: 25kg, 40kg, 45kg knitting bags
Payment: Cash stock T/T or Irrevocable L/C
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