Sell Corrosion inhibitor TAT730.

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Chemical Name: 2, 4, 6-tri-(6-aminocaproic acid) -1, 3, 5-triazine
Molecular formula: C21H36N6O6
Molecular weight: 468.4
CAS number: 80584-91-4.
Typical physical properties:
Appearance: white, water-containing wet cake
Active ingredient content, wt%: above 49%
Application: as an additive of coolant or an all organic closed system corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in industrial water systems.
Packing: active ingredient content 63%-65% in cardboard drum of 20kgs net each with plastic lining; active ingredient content 49%-52% in plastic woven bag of 25kgs net each with plastic lining;
Storage: stored in a cool, and well-closed containers, protected from light
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60 days
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10 T
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L/C at sight
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