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We produce Plastiroll a patented corrugated, rigid but flexible pipes/tube for Ventilation, Air conditioning, Suction, Intake of smoke and Powders, Dust, Chemical and water conveyance, Elettrical Hardware.

Here is the description of Plastiroll, a new plastic hose which, though rigid, is hand bendable.

Plastiroll is a continuos extruded strip, so shaped that when it is coiled the edges will interlock to form a rigid duct.

Many are the uses of Plastiroll and recommandable are those applications where a result is given to its qualities:

When hand-bent it will remain in position until you change it.

The diameter can be easily changed by a simple twisting action of the spirals.

Can be manufactured from 32mm of diameter up to 500mm.

Adjustable length, extends or compresses up to about 35%

Easily installed both for permanent and temporary use.

Can be easily slip-fitted to other pieces of plastic or metal hoses. Self-extinguishing.
Resists to temperature: b 10B0C / +66B0C for type A in PVC
- 40B0C / +98B0C for type B in ABS

Considering the wide extent of the field here below we mention some of its applications:

- Intake of smoke
- Intake of powders
- Draining
- Sewer
- Air cond. Plants
- Drying plants
- Ventilation plants
- Irrigation
- Mines

Plastiroll is produced also in the following raw materials:

Conductive ESD 10-4 (+/- 1) homs square Mt
Antistatic 10-12 (+/-1) homs square Mt,
Conductive High Impact polystirene 10-5 (+/-1) homs square Mt.

Plastiroll Phisical Properties:
Specific Heat Cal/B0C/. gm 0,25
Thermal Conductivity C-177 3.0-7.0
Resistence to Heat B0F (cont) 150 B0F
Defl. Temp. Under Load B0F D648 157B0F
Dieletric Constant 60 cycl D150 3.2-3.7
Dissipation (power) factor 60 Cycles D - 150 .007-.03
Arc resistance in seconds D 495 60 to 80
Water absorption 24hr. 1/8 in. thickness % D 590 .07-.4
Coefficent of Linear Expansion B0C. X 10-5 B 5.2
Burning Rate D 635 Self-Extinguishing
Effect to weak acids D 543 - None
Effect to strong acids D 543 - None to slight
Effect of weak alkalies D 543 None
Effect to strong alkalies D 543 None to slight
Effect of Organic Solvents D 543 Resist alchohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons and oils. Soluble in ketones and esters; swell in aromatic hydrocarbons

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Giovanni Pasquetti