Sell Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt

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Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt
Base belt is composed of four parts: top cover rubber, bottom cover rubber , reinforced core and cross rigid layer. Thickness of top cover rubber is 3~6mm and that of bottom is 1.5~4.5mm. The material of belt core can stand pulling strength, which is made of cotton canvas, polyester canvas or steel wire. We add special strength layer into the core for increasing the transverse rigidity of base belt, which is called cross rigid layer. The width specification of base is the same as general belt and complies with GB7984-87 standard.
The cleat is made of fiber composite material, solid, anti-shock to avoid distortion.
Sidewall, cleat and base belt are joined through double hot vulcanization method, cementing is firmly and surfacing. Cleat and sidewall are joined through bolt to prevent leakage of material, its also increase the general rigidity and improve the functional perforcemance.