Sell Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis Extract Powder

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Source products: Twenty of the dry roots skin, barks or sticks to the skin of raw materials
Active ingredients: Major components such as active ingredients for phenol sexual show phenol (Magnolol) , and show phenol (Honokiol) , CBN show phenol (Tetrahhydromagnolol) , the differences show phenol (Isomagnolol) , but also contain 30 Various volatile components and multiple content categories compounds.
Product specifications More than the total phenol 30.0% And greater than the total phenol 95%
Testing method: HPLC
Packaging: 25kg/ Barrels
Main uses functional and China has been under gas, Huashi cited sluggish effectiveness. For antibiotic sterilization, chest Zhangman, Changgengzu, Tanyin gasp summer.
Pharmacological role
1, the anti-bacterial pathogenic organisms;
2, muscle lax;
3 , And the role of the digestive system;
4, And the cardiovascular system;
5, the anti-cancer role.

Name: Coptis chinensis Franch