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12 ways classical traditional Chinese herbal mask is the typical example combined with traditional nourishing skin method and modern caring skin technology
notoginseng, poria and other traditional Chinese herbs are often used to nourish and care skin, the ingredients have the remarkable effects on whitening skin ,keeping moist, diminishing wrinkles, dispelling poses and restrain acarus. The pharmacological research shows that natural active essence has the high security and the significant effects on nourishing skin.
The ingredients of 12ways mask are contracted from classical herbs with high technology, and then are absorbed by special non-woven fabric. The ingredients are colorless and have no peculiar smell. After many times test, it is proved that 12ways not only has the outstanding effects on nourishing and caring skin, but also has high security.
Twelve kinds of traditional Chinese herbs nourish your face and leave your skin perfect.
12ways traditional Chinese herbs can enhance skins microcirculation, activate blood and remove blood stasis, whiten skin and leave it smooth. It has dual-effect on nourishing and caring skin, leave your skin perfect.
12ways traditional Chinese herb masks mechanism picture.
Penetrate ventilate nonwoven absorbs the essences of traditional Chinese herbs.
Prevent skin from polluted air and form a ventilative protection film.
The essences of traditional Chinese herbs act on skins microcirculation.
Penetrate deeply, nourish skin.
Skin turns dull, out of radiant, lack of elasticity, looks pale.
Skin dryness, skin desquamation in T part and cutin heavily damaged.
Skin looks coarse, appearance of pore is enlarged, and skin is not smooth and tender anymore.
Appearance of wrinkles in lip, and canthus.
Sebum of skin excrete luxuriantly and hair follicle is blocked, taper granules are formed on face and occur easily and will leave moulage.
Acarus are pervaded around noise, pox and black head are formed.
Deficiency of blood, lack of radiant.
Any symptoms mentioned above will effect the health of skin, long period of applying 12ways herb mask to caring and nourishing skin properly will get rid of these symptoms, leave your skin perfect.
Pioneer PST technology makes your skin perfect.
Pioneer PST technology helps your skin to improve the texture, the essences of the traditional Chinese herbs penetrate into skin deeply, nourish skin cells. Nonwoven fabric is especially designed to hold the essences of the traditional Chinese herbs, dual-effect nourishes skin, regenerate skin. The essences of the traditional Chinese herbs penetrate into skin deeply and solve various skin problems.

24 hours latter skin cells are awaked.
The essences of the traditional Chinese herbs and PST make skin radiant.

1 Clean face by water.
2 Take out mask
3 Apply mask over face, extrude blisters.
4 15-20 minutes later, tear mask out, rinse thoroughly.

. White: Saponins and flavone of herbs in this prescription can eliminate hairlike blood stasis of skins surface and activate blood and qi to go up by promoting skinny blood microcirculation. This make skin recover bright luster and inhibit producing of ill pigment.
. Moist: Many kinds of amylose in herbs can supply nutrition to skinniness, prevent water from vaporizing and strengthen activities of cells. All these keep skin smooth, tender and elastic. These also avoid premature senility of skin.
. Counter wrinkles: There has rich herbal tannin in this prescription. This promotes skins collagen synthesizing actively and make flabby parts of skin tighten to achieve effects of reducing and countering wrinkles. During use the mask, you will have feelings of tightening and shrinking. This is not reaction of skins dehiscence but tensility of corticous surface begin to recover.
. Remove poxes: There are certain quantities of alkaloids in this prescription and can inhibit skins epiphyte effectively. Both acne epiphyte and pox epiphyte cant escape herbs attack. Herbs have no negative effects on healthy skin. If you have feeling of light stimulation or ant climbing, this proves inhibiting bacteria course begins to take effect. It belongs to good reaction and is not side effect.
. Restrain acarus: Moderate quantity of herbal aminophenol is added into the prescription. Many kinds of herbal aminophenol can shrink pore, kill acarus but also can unfreeze sebum, clean hair follicle and remove places for acarus growing. When aminophenol touches skin, it will be light scorching feeling but it will not harm healthy skin.
Times of usage: 1-2 time(s)/per week. Itll be effective if you use it persistently. When its cold, please take sealed inner pack out and open it after warming the pack in warm water. This avoids cold feelings.
Notes: People with allergic skin should use it carefully. If phenomenon of skin stimulation occurs, please stop using it and itll recover.
First our company is in charge of you and your beauty! Therefore, we produce products which are up to standard of high purity, high quality and high stability.
Twelve classic traditional Chinese herbs-promises we give you
Guarantee of the promises- state GMP authentication
GMP is a total quality managing standard of drug , which is accepted in the whole world. Our efforts are admitted by authorities and we promise we will try our best to make you more satisfy.
Net content of drug solution:
Storage: Keep in a sealed and dark cool place. Avoid sunshine.
Shelf life: 24 months.
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