Sell Cosmetic container coating printing(airless pumps, bottles)

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We have specialized in the supply of various cosmetic containers(airless, pumps, bottles, jars, sprayers . . . . . ) including coating & printing.
Our Cosmetic Containers is a 'one-stop shop' for all of your packaging needs, which is designed/manufactured under high technology and strict quality control.
Our mission is not only the supply of unprocessed container but also a decorating(embossing, soft touching, UV spraying, metalizing, frosting, hot stamping, silk screen printing and labeling. . . . ) .
You can count on getting quotations and answers to all of your questions with expediency.
As our products have competitive pricing, it are mostly exported to foreign countries(Europe, America and Japan . . . etc) and a lot of quantity of airless type to China too.
So as we try to extend the market to the world, I hope you to consider possibility of our products and then use.
Appreciating your kind concern, please feel free to contact us about any special requests which you may have.

Thanks and regards,
Hong-Weon, Yoon/SMAT International Corp. (Seoul, Korea)