Sell Cotton Tear Stretch Tape(Lightwin)

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Lightwin is an elastic adhesive bandage. Its cotton substrate is soft and comfortable, which can be applied to most difficult body contours. Its latex free adhesive is very aggressive and yet leaves no residue on skin. Features:
1. Elastic cotton substrate
2. Latex free, causes no latex induced allergic reactions
3. Soft, breathable and comfortable
4. Easy hand tear, no scissors needed
5. Provide light compression, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation
6. Strong and reliable stickiness
7. Constant unwinding tension
8. Good tensile strength
9. leaves no residue on body parts
10. Compares to Muellers Tear Tape
Supporting bandages for strains and sprains
Fixing bandages for hot, cold packs
Pressure bandages to promote circulation and healing
Compression bandages to help control swelling and stop bleeding
Industrial First Aid Bandage