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Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator
Automatic Type

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator is used to determine the micro moisture for different material, using Karl Fischer Coulometric titration method, which is the most credible method. It based on the microprocessor control, and with high analysis speed, high precision, LCD display and automatic print etc. Moreover, it is with self-checking default, choose the menu and so on functions. It is a convenient automatic analysis instruments.


Titration method
Coulometric titration controlled by microprocessor

Determination range
1 ug~100 mg (classic range is 10 ug~10 mg)

Electroanalysis control
auto control electroanalysis circuit (the highest is 400 mA)

Titration speed
2 mg/min (Max)

10 ug~1 mg +/- 3 ug

Over 1 mg it will be 0.3% (except inject sample error)

Final point indication
display information, buzzer raise, final point indicator lit.

**/**/**(year month date) **:*:**(h, m, s)

16 characters Pin printer, with paper of 44 mm width

Power supply
AC 220 V +/-10 % 50 Hz+/- 5 %

Power consumption
60 VA

Ambient temperature

Relative humidity
<=90 %

290 x 380 x 120 mm

9 kg
Brand Name
Sincery OR OEM
Model Number
Karl Fischer-Auto