Sell Countdown Timer 3Digits Red/Green colors

Countdown Timer 3Digits Red/Green colors You May Also Be Interested In: countdown timer intelligent vehicle signal controller
Using latest led technology, transled intelligent vehicle countdown timer is another innovative product from transled. Developed with transled proprietary software, this product is a 3 digits time indicator with 2 colors specifically designed to help motorist understand and be informed of the remaining time of the red& green phase. The microprocessor based design provides intelligence to the countdown and can be interfaced with any traffic signal controller.
The countdown will display the number in green color during the green phase and red color during the red phase.

~improves safety of the traffic junctions.
~reduces congestion.
~reduces the number of cars applying emergency brakes at the stop the line when the signal turns red.
~reduces the number of cars crossing the stop-line to stop.
~reduces the numbers of cars clearing the junction after red light turns on.

Also available in 2 digits.