Sell Counter-Terrorism Fight ( intellect toys)

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Counter-Terrorism Fight is our new product. It is not using the old thinking for unilateral game in traditional toys, whereas, it changes the virtual net-games into a real bidirectional toy. Also it is a hi-tech product that its sound, light and electric will combine to train and build up the braveness and smartness of the children.
1. The building
The building has self-battery (dry battery no.3) and self-power supply with power adaptor. The game is beginning after turning the power on. When every task begins, there is an alarm. When it is over, there is a music sound. When every task is over, there is a terrorist present his gun and surrender on the top floor (the 3rd floor) of the building; this means the fight is over in your success. (Other instructions please refer to the illustration. )

2. The gun (Patent No. ZL200620053201.9 )
There is a laser device in the gun. We developed the safe laser shoot technique to avoid any hurt while the laser is pointing at other childrens eyes. We have got the patent on this technique. And the laser can not be used under the following situation: (Please refer to PicI and PicII)