Sell Countersinks

Countersinks You May Also Be Interested In: annular cutter counterbores hex shank step drills taper shank
sell as follows step drills:

1. DIN/ANSI countersinks and deburring tools
DIN countersinks and deburring tools set
2. DIN tube and sheet drills
3. DIN 373 counterbore
4. DIN 375 counterbore taper shank
5. DIN 335C countersinks
DIN 335C countersinks set
6. DIN 335C countersinks with 6 hex shank
7. DIN 335D countersinks with taper shank
8. annular cutter
9. ANSI single-flute countersinks
10. ANSI three-flute center reamers
11. ANSI four-flute machine countersinks
12. ANSI six-flute chatterless countersinks
13. ANSI solid pilot counterbores
14. ANSI interchangeable counterbores

1. Round shank;
2. Hex shank;
3. Three flat shank
4. other

1. White Finish
2. Black Finish
3. Sanded Finish
4. Titanium Coated
5. Cobalt Coated

1. SET:in metal case of one
in wooden case of one

2. in plastic tubes of one