Sell Country Cream 100% REAL Non-Fat Instant Powdered Milk

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Country Cream 100% REAL Instant Powdered Milk is known world wide as the very best Instant Milk anywhere. Every day I get a call from one of our past customers and they always tell me how wonderful our milk is compared to all the others.
Country Cream is the ONLY milk that tastes like REAL MILK when you mix it. Every other manufacture has tried to duplicate Country Cream but have failed. Made from the finest quality raw ingredients. Our 100% REAL Instant Powdered Milk is packaged in premium #10 cans, that have been enamiled to protect against rust on the out side and to protect against loss of the wonderful natural flavor in the inside. Packaged with an oxygen absorber to remove the oxygen from the inside of the can and prevent oxidation and loss of nutrition. When stored in a cool dry place, our milk will be stable for as long as ten years without loss of flavor and little loss of nutrition. Why settle for less when you can have the very best. Once you try our milk you will be hard pressed to return to using any other product. Wonderful to cook with as well as make cheese and yogart.
Brand Name
Country Cream
4.03 lb(s).