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Series JS Tapered Grid Steelflex Couplings
Good vibration-damping capability, safe starting, low precise installation required, long service life and applicable to various transmission fields.
The characteristic of Series JS Tapered Grid Steelflex Couplings
Series JS Tapered Grid Steelflex Couplings are metal couplings which have advanced structure. The couplings can transmit torque by tapered grid steelflex. The specialty and advantage of transmission are as follows:
1. Good vibration-damping capability and long service life
Two hubs are inserted into a coupling with steelflex sheet, vibration rate is over 36%.
Tapered grid steelflex with trapeziform surface is made of high quality spring steel. After strict heat treatment and especial machining, it has good mechanical performance. Tapered grid steelflex with trapeziform surface make couplings have much longer service life than couplings with nonmetal flexible parts.
2. Bearing widely changing load and safe starting.
Contact surface of two hubs and spring piece is curved. When torque increases, the steel spring piece will be shaped in a curved surface and make the two points closer up. The change of torque at the contact point between steel spring piece and curved surface is happening as transmitted torque is changing. The characteristic of transmission is changing rigidity and it can bear more load than normal flexible couplings.
The damping action caused by elastic deformation of spring piece can assure coupling safe to a certain extent when starting and bearing heavy load.
3. Efficient transmission and dependable operate
The efficiency of transmission is 99.47%. Short-time overload ability is twice of rated load and can operate on the safe side.
4. Low noise and good lubricate.
The high tensile aluminium alloy casing can protect steel spring from swinging out. The casing is filled with grease which provides good lubrication and absorbs noise caused by meshing spring piece.
5. Sample structure and convenient installation and disassembly.
Small number of components, small volume and light weight. Trapeziform surface steel spring and trapeziform groove are easily anastomosed tightly. It is very convenient for users to assemble, disassemble and maintain the couplings.
6. Reasonable installation deviation allowed.
The spring piece and curved surface are contacted at a point, which makes coupling have bigger flexibility. It can be installed and work at the case of axial deviation, radial deviation and angular deviation.

Series JM Diaphragm Couplings
Diaphragm couplings can compensate axial excursion, radial excursion and angular excursion caused by manufacturing deviation, installation deviation, load distortion and the impact of changing temperature. Series JM Diaphragm coupling is steel coupling with flexibility. It can connect main engine and driven engine by steel sheet and transmit torque. Series JM Diaphragm couplings have many virtues such as compact structure, reliable performance, high load capacity, high accuracy of transmission, little maintenance required, no lubrication required, elastic damping, no noise, long service life and applicable to high speed and medium speed transmission with high torque. Series JM Diaphragm coupling is good substitute for coupling with flexible gear.
The main characteristics of Series JM Diaphragm couplings:
1. Strong capacity of compensating axial misalignment: angular shift is as twice as couplings with gears. When radial shift, reaction force is small and flexibility is big, allowing some axial misalignment, radial misalignment and angular misalignment.
2. Evident damping capacity, no noise and no abrasion.
3. High transmission efficiency. It is especially applicable for transmission of high or medium speed and high power transmission.
4. It can work in high temperature and ill-being. The coupling can operate at the case of brunt and quiver.
5. Small number of components, small volume, light weight and no lubrication required. When assemble and disassemble the coupling (with intermediate shaft) , users needn't move the machine
6. Transmitting accurate speed, no velocity error and can be used for transmission in precision machines.
Series JM Diaphragm flexibility couplings are widely used to transmit power in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, power, ship, hoisting, transportation, light industry, textile industry, agricultural machines, printing equipment, water pump, ventilation, machine tool, etc.
At present, the Diaphragm couplings which we are producing range in two series including 44 specifications. We sincerely welcome customers to choose our products. We are look forward to receiving your feedback and we like to offer the best service. Now we are producing JM type and JM1J type couplings, customers can choose from them. We also provide special design according to customers' requirements.

ML Series ML Couplings with Elastic Spider
Good elastic, high load capacity, low required precise installation, simple maintenance and no lubrication required make it suitable for the case of frequent starting, normal and reverse running, high and medium speed and medium torque. MLPK type with brake disc has separable construction and do not require to move the equipment during replacing elastic parts.
Applicable scopes and specialties of ML Series couplings with elastic spider.
1. ML Series coupling mainly use two crowning teeth meshed to bear radial compression and transmit torque. When relative offset between two axes happens, the elastic component will compensate.
2. Coupling with elastic spider is suitable for many working occasions, such as frequent starting, normal and reverse running, high reliability with medium, high speed and medium torque. Couplings with elastic spider can be used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, hoisting, transportation, light industry, textile industry, water pump, ventilation, etc. Applicable ambient temperature is between -350 and +800. Normal torque transmitted is between 25 and 12500Nm, and permissible speed is 1500-15300r/min.
3. Compare with other types, the couplings with elastic spider has following specialties:
(1) Operation is smooth and reliable, good shuck buffering capability and insulation.
(2) Simple structure, small radial dimension, light weight, low moment of inertia and suitable for medium and high speed condition.
(3) Enough compensation capability for axial, radial and angular misalignment.
(4) Elastic component made from high strength polyurethane has many virtues, such as high abrasion resistance and oil resistance, high load capacity, reliability and long service life.
(5) The coupling can be continuously operating normally without lubrication. Little maintenance is required.
(6) Couplings of types MLS and MLPK have separable structure. Users need not move the equipment when they replace elastic element, which makes repair extremely convenient.
At present, our company are producing three types, including 30 specifications. Customer can choose from them or ask us to design according to their requirements.

Series WMA Drum Coupling with Barrel Rollers
The couplings have a capability of high torque, high radial load and compensation of axial deviation. The couplings can be used for ordinary reducer. The couplings have many virtues, such as compact structure, convenient assemble and disassemble, supplying abrasion indicator and high reliability. Series WMA Drum coupling with barrel rollers are particularly suitable for the hoisting gear of lifting equipment.
Application and characteristics
The WMA types of drum coupling is a kind of flexible coupling, and is especially recommended for installation in drum drives of cranes. The coupling is also suitable for the similar mechanical equipment which is able to transmit torque and bear radial load.
The drum coupling with barrel rollers comprises: hub, housing with flange, inner cover, outer cover, barrel rollers, abrasion indicator, seals, cover bolts, retaining rings, thrust collars, lubrication hole and breather hole etc. Hardened barrel rollers that are inserted into the holes formed by the two circular gearing serve as power transmission elements, also act as a self-aligning spherical roller bearing.
Compared with other type drum coupling, the couplings with barrel rollers have following specialties:
1. Stable and reliable operation, capability of bearing high radial load, transmitting relative high torque and overload capacity.
2. Compact configuration, good ability of grouping, allowing simplifying the entire structure and reducing equipment weight.
3. Good adjustability, convenient installation, adjustment and simple maintenance.
4. Provide positioning and abrasion indicator to ensure safety and reliability.
5. It is suitable for ordinary gear reducer with shaft extension and reduces equipment cost.

Series DC Drum Coupling with Flexible Gears
Series DC Drum coupling is a type of flexible gear coupling. The couplings are especially recommended for installation in drum drives of cranes. It is also suitable for similar mechanical equipments that transmit toque and bear radial load. However, the couplings can not bear axial load.
The characteristics: capability of high torque, high radial load and compensation of axial deviation. The couplings can be used for ordinary reducer. The couplings have many virtues, such as compact structure, convenient assemble and disassemble, supplying abrasion indicator and high reliability. It is particularly suitable for the hoisting gear of lifting equipment.
Series SWC & SWP Universal Couplings with Spider
Compact structure, high load ability and high angular compensation make these couplings suitable for heavy machinery shafting transmission. The couplings can transmit torque in many industries, for example, metallurgy, hoisting, engineering transportation, mining, petroleum, ship, coal industry, rubber, paper making machines and heavy machinery industry.
The major characteristics of Series SWC & SWP Universal Couplings
1. relative big angular compensation ability. Permissible axis angle for SWC type is between 150and 250. The permissible axis angle for SWP is about 100.
2. Compact and reasonable configuration. The integral fork adopted on SWC type makes operation reliable.
3. high load capability. Compared with other types couplings of the same rotatable diameter, it can transmit higher torque and have more suitability for machines and equipments whose rotatable diameters are limited.
4. High transmission efficiency, reaching 98-99.8%. It saves much energy during transmitting high power.
5. Stable operating, low noise, convenient maintenance and easy assemble and disassemble.

Series AQ Balls Type Safety Couplings
As flexible couplings, they are our patent products. The major characteristics are energy saving, over load protection, overload torque adjustable and soft start.
Patent No. : ZL88108545.5
Besides flexible coupling's functions, the couplings function as energy saving and overload protection equipment. Because the couplings have speed-monitoring device, the couplings can cut off electricity automatically to ensure coupling and electric machine in the case of overload. Series AQ Balls Type Safety Couplings are universal mechanical components, applying to machine equipments whose electric machines start with load or frequent start without regulating speed and machine equipments which need overload protection, such as centrifugal water pump, air compressor, induced draft fan, belt conveyor, mixer, ball mill, oil recovery machine, etc. Speed range: 600-3000r/min ( over 3000r/min, we can specially design and manufacture for customers ) , power range: 0.3-15800kw, applicable ambient temperature: -200 -- +800. The couplings can be used to transmit torque in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, hoisting, transportation, universal machines, etc.
Working principles:
When the coupling speed driven by motor reaches some value, steel balls inside coupling will be pressed to internal surface of coupling because of centrifugal force. Along with speed increasing, centrifugal force is increasing. When the turning moment is bigger than working part's torque, the working part starts running. Driven engine will speed up to rated speed as active part's centrifugal force becomes bigger. It will take coupling 3 - 9 seconds to reach rated speed from starting and during this period, the coupling realized soft start-up.
Main characteristics of Steel balls Energy-save Safety Coupling.
1. Good start-up performance. The coupling can change heavy load start up to no load start up, that means the couplings realize soft start-up and reduce start-up current and power consumption. The driven engine and active engine don't have speed variation and frictional loss. Transmission efficiency is much higher than hydraulic couplings. After measurement, we know the transmission efficiency is over 99%. It is ideal substitute for hydraulic couplings.
2. Save cost of power supply and equipment. The couplings change unreasonable condition of " large power put to small use"for starting machine with load. The couplings have the following advantages: reducing motor power, increasing supply network's factor and motor's efficiency, reducing wattless loss, saving energy, simplifying motor start-up's equipment and reducing cost of equipment.
3. Transmitted adjustable torque easily effects safe protection of overload. When working engine over loads or is blocked, the coupling will slip automatically and electric speed monitor will give off warning acoustooptic signals. When overload slip exceeds the limits, the electric speed monitor will cut off power supply automatically to prevent motor and working engine from damage and write-off.
4. We have specially designed flexible elements for the coupling which can compensate installation misalignment between two axles. Requirement of installation accuracy is low and damping action is good.
Steel ball energy-saving safe coupling is certified by machine experts and electric experts in 1993. Their comments are: the couplings can improve machine transmission specialty, motor start-up performance, reduce energy loss, save equipment investment and have overload protection function for motor. The couplings have the characteristics of convenient use, novel designing principle, advanced technology, reasonable structure and high reliability.

Series GICL, GIICL & PGGL Flexible Gear Couplings
Series GICL, GIICL & PGGL Flexible Gear Couplings have the advantages of crowing teeth type, compact structure, high load capability, high efficiency of transmission, compensation for axial misalignment and suitable for low speed and heavy load duty. Type PGCL with inserted brake disc has separable construction and do not require to move the equipment during replacing parts.
The couplings are steel flexible couplings and have compensation capacity of axial direction, radial direction and angular direction misalignment. Compared with CL type couplings with straight gear, drum couplings with flexible gear have many virtues, such as compact structure, small turning radius, high load capacity, high efficiency of transmission, low noise and little maintenance, etc. Series GICL, GIICL & PGGL Flexible Gear Couplings are especially applicable for low speed with high load duty, such as metallurgy, mining, hoisting and transportation. At the same time, they are also suitable for axial transmission in machines used in petroleum, chemical industry and universal machines.
At present, we can provide eight types, 200 specifications' couplings with flexible gears for customers. We also offer special design and production according to customers' requirements.
The characteristics of couplings with flexible gears (compared with couplings with straight gears ) .
1. high load capacity. In the case of diameters of hubs and sleeve, the average load capacity of couplings with flexible gears is higher 15-20% than couplings with straight gears.
2. High misalignment capability. When radial displacement is zero, the permissible angular displacement for couplings with straight gears is
1o, while for couplings with flexible gears it is 1o30', higher 50%. When the modulus, number of teeth and face width are same, permissible angular displacement of drum couplings with flexible gear is bigger than couplings with straight gear.
3. Drum teeth surface improve contact position between inner teeth and outer teeth to avoid stress concentration. It reduces friction and abrasion. The drum couplings have low noise and little maintenance characteristics.
4. The trumpet-toothed external gear effects easy installation and disassemble.
5. Transmission efficiency reaches 99.7%
Because of the above characteristics, drum couplings with flexible gears have replaced couplings with straight gear at home and abroad. We can supply various specifications' couplings which conform to the relative standards.
Drum couplings have rigid and flexibility, but no elastic. They are not applicable for machines which require damping and high accuracy of alignment.

Series MH Magnetic Hysteresis Couplings
Magnetic Hysteresis couplings are also called Permanent Magnet couplings, using magnetic force of permanent magnet to join active hub and driven hub together.
The main difference between magnetic hysteresis couplings and ordinary mechanical couplings is that magnetic hysteresis couplings use magnetic force to transmit power and torque instead of using liquid or powder medium by direct connection.
Magnetic hysteresis couplings have following characteristics.
1. Constant turning moment and overload slip. These characteristics can protect couplings from damage.
2. Simple structure, no lubrication, easy installation and disassemble, little maintenance.
3. Cushioning performance.
4. Good compensation for axial, radial and angular misalignment.
5. It will not be damaged under block.

Magnetic hysteresis cable reel.
Magnetic hysteresis cable reel is an ideal cable coiler device matched with large mobile equipments. It can transmit power electricity, control electricity and control signal. Magnetic hysteresis cable reel can be used in large hoisting equipment, ship loader and other similar heavy mobile machines and equipments.
Compared with weight matching cable reel, torque motor, magnetic hysteresis cable reel has capacities of constantly outputting moment of force, overload slip and good self-control. It can avoid sagging cable and broken cable and it is especially applicable for steady tensile force occasion. Magnetic hysteresis cable reel has many characteristics, such as small volume, little weight, convenient installation and maintenance, stable and reliable operation, easily adjusting moment of force, etc.
The cable reel which we produce is applicable for cable reel of spreader and power cable reel on hoist.
The running speed of cable reel for spreader can reach 160m/min; the transmission power supply and control signal can reach 48 channels. The running speed of power cable reel is 60m/min; Transmission power supply can reach 30kv, 320A.

Type JD Current Collector
Current collector, a key component of cable reel is a kind of current connector that transmission system current supply to large mobile machine equipments through cable.
Working principles:
Cable end attached to system current supply, after enlacing on cable reel, reaches to inner of collector through hollow drive shaft and connects collector's slip ring. In this way, system current supply is transmitted to collector's slip ring first and to stationary carbon brush second and then to machine equipment's power supply system.
Type JD current collectors we are producing have the following characteristics.
1. Collector's slip ring and cable reel are running at the same rate. It will prevent cable from enwinding out of order;
2. Good insulate capacity and high reliability;
3. Maximum rated voltage is over 20KV and rated current is 320A.
TYPE DLJ Spring Tension Leadfair
Leadfair is a universal device for large mobile power supply system equipment. Its functions are to ensure cable to travel on right tracks and transfer information of tensile force that cable bears and traveling direction of crabs. When tensile force that cable is bearing exceeds permissible tensile force limit, traveling device will stop to ensure the safety. TYPE DLJ Spring Tension Leadfairs are applicable for large hoisting machines, ship loader, and other similar heavy mobile machines.
The characteristics of TYPE DLJ Spring Tension Leadfair:
1. Wide range applications and wide adjustable range for tensile force. The maximum permissible tensile force is 3200N and applicable for cables with diameter of 35 - 70mm.
2. Reliable working capacity, convenient adjusting and accurate control.
3. All electrical components are chosen from foreign advanced products. These electrical components have high reliability and high grade protection.
4. In order to prevent rusting, junction box, switch base and other components are made of stainless steel and all fasteners are strictly surface treated.