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Covert Clicker(Mini Universal TV Remote)
---Secretly control the TV, anywhere, any time.
--- Great for: Parties, Airport, Bars, Electonic stores
This device is so small it is easily concealed in your pocket, it's only 1= "x 2=" x less than <" thick! It can control, volume, change the channel or turn the TV on & off. Just imagine the fun with this at a party, or the lounge at the doctors office. The mini TV Remote works on 90% of all TV's. It will automatically search for the remote code. Just press and hold the mute button, and as soon as the TV mutes, release the mute button to lock into that TV's code. You can then control the channel, volume or even turn it on & off!

Inserting the Battery
1. Using your fingers or a small flat head screwdriver, starting at the LED light, separate the two havles of the plastic case. (Note the two pieces will remain joined at the key ring hinge. )
2. Insert the smaller side (-) of the battery face down sliding it under the metal battery compartment.

Using the Remote
1. The remote will automatically seek the correct code for the television you are going to control. Point the remote at the TV, while the TV is turned on. .
2. Press and hold down the mute button. (Blue button with a speaker with an X through it. )
3. Keep the mute button pressed while pointing at the TV, until TV become mute. (The process usually takes less than 30 seconds, but can take longer in some instances. )
4. Immediately release the mute button.

The Mini remotes is now programmed, and you can control the volume, change the channel or turn the TV on and off.

Getting used to the mini universal remote takes patience at first, and may require you to try it a few times to really get used to its operation.

This remote works on 95% of all TVs.

Packing: single packing into a slide card(PVC cover + paper card)

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