Sell Cracked Glossy Ganoderma Spore Power Capsule of Dabieshan Brand

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Glossy Ganoderma was called Xiancao from ancientry, and the Pen-ts'ao Kan-mu; Compendium of Materia Medica records that the taste of Glossy Ganoderma is bitter; the functions of Glossy Ganoderma are invigoration of qi and heart, tonifying spleen to replenish qi, improving cerebrum, strengthening memory, keeping youth and prolonging life if you always take it. Spore power of glossy ganoderma is the power released by glossy ganoderma while it ripens which also is the essence of glossy ganoderma. This product is made of carefully chosen spore power of the red glossy ganoderma of segment wood, growing up in the wild circumstance of GAP standard in the hinterland, Dabieshan(the base subordinated to HongKong 001Group) , China, which is collected with seven days mantle bag. The product is produced by chromatography and purification, the whole spores wall of the glossy ganoderma in the activated condition is cracked quickly and high-efficiently under lower temperature, and meanwhile can remain effective compositions such as triterpene, polysaccharide of glossy ganoderma, containing 38% of biological active substance of lipid, organic germanium, sterol, etc. to be fully stable, its functions are higher decades times than that of glossy ganoderma and general spore. If you always take it, it can strengthen immunity, protect liver and discharge toxin, invigorate brain and sooth the nerves, resist tumour, tonify, strengthening the body resistance and consolidating foundation, nourish appearance and prevent senility, etc.
Its main adaptive symptoms: 1. exhaustion syndrome and chronic disease such as nervous prostration caused by debility and sickliness, long-term fatigue and pressure.
2. reduction of leucocyte, insomnia, anorexia, lassitude, vomiting, etc. of tumour patient caused by teletherapy and chemotherapy.
3. preventing and curing hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis, chronic bronchitis, hypertension, hyperlipemia, diabetes, infection and phthisis, etc.
4. endocrine imbalance, dyspepsia, dysphoria, lassitude, lassitude in loin and knee, menopausal syndrome, etc.