Sell Crane scale with heated insulation board

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continually use 70 hours while refreshing once
Auto calibrate
Wireless remote control
Hold function
Present a small trolley beyond 15 tons

The minimum safe distance between scales and iron water

Iron temperature safe distance
1000 degree 1200mm
1200 degree 1500mm
1400 degree 1800mm
1600 degree 2000mm

Capacity resolution division
600kg 0.2kg 0.2/0.5kg
1000kg 0.5kg 0.2/0.5kg
2000kg 1kg 0.5/1 kg
3000kg 1kg 0.5/1 kg
5000kg 2kg 1/2 kg
10000kg 5kg 2/5 kg
15000kg 5kg 5/10kg
20000kg 10kg 5/10kg
Brand Name
Available Colors
Model Number