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(1) Material: high strength alloy steel 42CrMo
(2) Availability of most popular range application
(3) Customers' drawings or samples are welcome.
(4) The crankshaft must be washed carefully before put it into the block, special attention must be paid to the cleanliness on the surface of the journal, opening of the oil passage and the surface of the bearing seat. When the main bearing shell with oil hole fit on the bearing seat of the block, the oil holes should be coincided. No.3 main bearing cover should fit with the main shell (down) without oil hole and groove, apply some lubrication oil on the surface of the journal and working face of the shell when assembling. The main bearing caps and engine block are machined in pairs, there are numbers and serial numbers on the caps. Except positioned by lug, like other caps, the fourth bearing cap also has pin bush for position. The tip of triangle mark of caps is facing the front of engine block, and numbered begin from the front when assemble them.

Dont make mistake. The main bearing bolts are lubricated with diesel engine oil, the tighten torque is 216~235Nm (22~24 kgfm) , it should start to tight alternatively from the center (no.3 main bearing) towards both sides. After tight, the crankshaft can be rotated smoothly.
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