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Different spec are available.

Made In China.

We can supply differenct forging steel crankshafts for many engines such as
Mitsubishi 4G63, Mitsubishi 4G64, Mitsubishi 4D30, Mitsubishi 4D31, Mitsubishi 4D32, Mitsubishi 4D34, Mitsubishi 6D15, Mitsubishi 6D16, Mitsubishi S6KT, Isuzu 4JA1, Isuzu 4JB1, Isuzu 4BD1, Isuzu 6BD1, Isuzu 4HF1, Komatsu S6D95, Komatsu S6D102, Commins 4BT, Commins 6BT, Commins 6CT, Commins NT855, Commins M11, Commins K19, Caterpillar 3066, Caterpillar 3306, Nissan NE6, Deutz F6L912, Deutz F6L413, Deutz F8L413, Iveco 2.5L, Hino H07C .
And casting crnkshafts for different engines such as Isuzu 4JA1, 4JB1, 4JG2, 4BA1, 4BC2, 4BD1, 4BE1, 4BG1, 4HF1, 4ZB1, 4ZB1, 4ZD1, 4ZE1, C190, C223, C240, 6HE1, 6HF1, 6BB1, 6BD1, 6BE1, 6BG1, 6QA1, 6RB1, DH100, DA120, Mitsubishi 4D30, 4D31,4D32,4D33,4D34,4DC34, 4D54, 4D55, 4D56, 4DR5,4G14,4G15,4G33,4G34,4G41,4G54,4G63,4G64, S4E, S4S, S4K, S6KT, 6D14, 6D15,6D16 6D31T, 6D22, 6DB10, 8BC20, 8DC80, 8DC90, 8DC91. Benz OM352, OM355, OM314, OM360, OM366, OM401, OM402, OM403, OM422, OM442, OM447, Toyota 1RZ, 1Y, 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, 3K, 4K, 5K, Suzuki F6A, F8A, F8B, F10A, Hino H04D, W04D, ED33, W06E, EK100, ED100, EL100, EM100, EF550/750, EB300, EH700, H07C, H07D, DS70, Nissan SD22, SD23, TD27, FD6 FE6, ND6, NE6, PD6, PE6, RD8, RF8, RG8, Komatsu 4D94, 4D95, 4D105, 4D130, 6D95, 6D102, 6D105, 6D108, 6D110, 6D125, 6D140, 6D155, Cummins 4BT, 6BT5.9, 6CT8.3, NH220, NT855, M11, K19, Caterpillar 3066, 3304, 3306, Deutz F2L912, F3L912, F4L912, F5L912, F6L912, F6L413, F8L413, 1010, BEDFORD D-2, IFA W50, Volvo TD100, TD122/123, TD120/121, Scania DS11, etc.