Sell Creasing and Cutting Machine/Die cutting machine

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Creasing and Cutting Machine is a special equipment for creasing and cutting ordinary cardboard corrugated board plastic and leather in general , applicable to printing packaging decoration and plastic industries.
Machine is characterizes by compact structure, fine workmanship, big pressure, high precision and easy and reliable operation etc.

Major Construction Features:
1. High strength dve to one piece casting by using top quality materials for machine body.
2. Smooth running, big pressure and low noise are obviously remarked as 4-step helical gear mechanism is adopted.
3. Single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive sub reliable.
4. Operational altitude is reasonably arranged, moving-bed opens to its optimum.
5. Electrical system is designed in conformity with IEC standard.
6. Single, continuous operation and opening dwell. Dwell range is adjustable.
7. Soft system is featly reliable.

Main Specification:
Model Inner Chase Size speed
ML1800 1800W1280mm 16+-2 strokes/min
ML1600 1600W1250mm 16+-2 strokes/min
ML1500 1500W1050mm 16+-2 strokes/min
ML1400 1400W1000mm 16+-2 strokes/min
ML1300 1300W920mm 16+-2 strokes/min
ML1200 1200W830mm 20+-2 strokes/min
ML1100 1100W800mm 20+-2 strokes/min
ML1040 1040W720mm 20+-3 strokes/min
PYQ203 930W660mm 20+-3 strokes/min
PYQ401C 710W510mm 25 strokes/min
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Warranty Coverage
1 year