Sell Crimped wire mesh

Crimped wire mesh You May Also Be Interested In: black steel wire electrical devices electronic oven heating and ventilation trucks cars
material: black steel wire, white steel wire, lead wire,
The materials of stainless steel wire can be high-quality SUS302, 304 , 316, 304L, 316L (nonferrous metal such as high carbon steel wire , low carbon steel wire , zinc-plated silk , galvanized wire , copper wire and stainless steel silk , etc. )
weaving and characteristics: weaving after crimp, the product is firm, durable, pressure-resisting and so on. ( Stainless steel Crimped wire woven 304L, 316L meshes were very heat-resisting , acid proof , corrosion-resistant , wearable-resisting performance of decreasing etc. )
Acoustics (screens, speakers, etc. ) ; fences of highways; cities street design;
filters of trucks, cars, tractors , combines; calibration and screening of coal, stone sorting, etc; screens of heating devices; ventilation grids; design; floorings, stairs;
fences of the lifts, courts, gardens, electrical devices and etc; reinforcement.
coal factory, construction, electronic oven, product protection, antitheft net rack for artwork, , petroleum , chemical industry , architecture , hardware Others