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Consulting group of companies from Croatia/Europe specialized in services of incorporation of foreign companies; representation offices; tax, law, customs, real-estate and trade advising. Our network of consulting companies -partners covers all countries of former Yugoslavia.

All companies established in Croatia/Europe are subjected to a Corporate Profit Tax (CPT) rate of 20% on their worldwide income.

Non-resident companies are subject to CPT only for income deriving from activities performed in Croatia.

A withholding tax of 15% is levied on cross-border payments of dividends, royalties and interests.

The VAT rate is currently 22%. Exports are zero-rated.

The establishment of new companies in 12 designated free trade zones of Croatia, in relation to particular operations, allows a 50% deduction of the corporate profit tax rate, an exemption from the corporate profit tax in the first five years for the companies that invest a minimum of HRK 1,000,000 i. e. - 135,000 EURO and customs duty concessions.

Special State Care Areas are those areas most damaged by the war. Subsides are provided for companies developing their activities in those areas. Companies which employ more than five employees (50% of the employees have to be resident of the area) for an indefinite period of time pay a reduced corporate profit tax equal to between 25% and 75% of the full rate, depending on the type of activity undertaken in the specific area.

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