Sell Crocodile Meat

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We have available Crocodile Meat, frozen, from farming, with all sanitary controls passed, boneless, skinless, vacuum packed. For further infromation and prices kindly contact our Company.
Survey companies are welcomed, but fees payable by client.
We also have available:

Wild Boar Meat, Bone in or Boneless, vaccum packed, from Hunting, Spanish origin.

Deer Meats, Bone in or Boneless, from Hunting, vacuum packed and:

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Chicken Backs
Chicken Skins
Chicken Leg Quarters A grade
Chicken Leg Quarters B grade
Chicken Wings 3 joints B grade
Chicken Breasts Skinless, Boneless
Chicken MDM
Chicken Livers
Chicken Gizzards
Chicken Feet
Chicken Tails

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