Sell Cross Flow Electrically Heating Air Curtain (CFEHAC) Products

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CFEHAC products are technically advanced Cross Flow Air Curtains (CFAC) with the inlet or outlet wind gap equipped with electric heating pumps, where the hot air is then driven by cross flow fan to form a curtain of warm air. he CFEHAC products are categorized as, Semi-conductor heat-variable ceramic heater models and fin electric heating tube heater models, depending on the heating media used in the products; Economically available models and Deluxe models, based on the shell materials; Structurally regular models and enhanced models, according to the structural designs.
Features of the heaters:
Semi-conductor heat-variable ceramic heater: high heating-up rates, low thermoresistance, high heat transformation rate, no flames, applicable to a wide range of voltages, safe and reliable, maximum working temperature is 2450. Fin electric heating tube heaters: high thermal inertia, stable heating power, without problems of blocked ventilation channels, long operational lifespan. The inlet wind gaps of the CFEHAC products are of high-performance aluminum alloy with little distortion within high temperature. Possible damage to the products in case of unexpected power supply malfunctions can be avoided with the equipped control cabinet.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
2000 units perd month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
900 x 265 x 265
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
220volts 50hz
27 kg