Sell Crude Oil, D2, and Jet Fuel available to serious and legitimate Buyers!

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Project 8 Industries Inc. Is an Independent Business Facillitator. We would be very interested in cooperation with your Company. We have a very simple Mode of Operation, We are'nt dealers or agents or anything like that. We're just an Independent organization that facillitates business deals between Companies(Buyers and Sellers) To bring Companies together to conduct profitable business transactions. We work with a spectrum of clients globally.

Right now we are looking for Legitimate Petroleum Buyers, and Mandate's, who are interested in cooperation with us to conduct profitable and successful transactions with our Sellers. Buyers please have the Means or Authority to Purchase the products you say you want to purchase, , as time is money and we don't have time to waste. Please understand that when you offer an offer, the actual seller or buyer must be brought to the table the time of the offer/request. If we all have our buyers/sellers work together at the time of request or offer, it only takes days to close a deal, not weeks or months. Serious Buyers please! No Shoppers!

Also do not contact us with Nigerian or African Money Transfer Schemes!

Thank you!
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