Sell Crude Oil / Refinery production agreement

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Ward Davis Consultancy has a Client who can supply crude or refined oil products. My Client can offer a straightforward and attractive dealing basis for buyers - effectively a refinery production agreement/contract agreement for product required with a discount (based on a PLATT marketscan price) . This is only possible when there is absolute control over the refinery (and/or the company that deals directly for the refinery) and when the buyer is being dealt with directly.

My Client is direct to both with the refinery and the "Actuary Company and has a complete understanding of the criteria needed for a buyer to perform in a format accepted by the refineries. There are no brokers in this connection. Please note that no one in this organization will make any demands for payment to any buyer. Intermediaries on the buyers side are expected to make their own arrangements for payment from their principle.

Some of the proofs to reassure a buyer that the supplier is dealt with directly is that there is a NET price to the buyer, all payments are by non-transferable LC, and, following an appropriate letter of interest, a direct bank to bank confirmation of the credentials of the Selling Company

For genuine companies in need of feedstock or refined product, the following initial information will be required prior to any LOI : Company profile, the exact specifications of the product, the total volume of the contract, the per-shipment volume, the term of the contract (no less than 1 year)

Upon receiving this information along with due diligence conducted, provided that the product can be supplied, my Client is satisfied and buyer/end user are exactly in agreement of the method of working laid down by the refineries (which can be provided on request) , your buyer will be put directly in touch with my Client to see any request made through to completion.