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Commodity: Russian Export Blended Crude Oil (REBCO)
Origin: Russia
Quantity: 2.5 Million Ton +/- 5% per month for a period of 12 months with
possible rolls and extension up to five years.
Delivery: CFR ASWP Port has to be agreed; First Shipment within 30 days of
seller's acceptance of payment.
Price: Shall be determined by the average of the three days around bill of
lading date (one day before, BL date and one day after) of high quotations as reported by 'Platts MED'
Gross: USD2.45 per barrel
Discount: Net: USD2.05 per barrel
Seller side Brokerage: USD0.20 per barrel (closed) Buyer side Brokerage: USD0.20 per barrel
Payment: As per RABCO standard contract that you have accepted.
Inspection: SGS Quality/Quantity inspection at the loading port.
Contract 12 Months with rolls and extension up to 5 years