Sell Crude Soybean Oil

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Crude Soybean Oil
Quantity 2 400 000 MT
Origin Brazil
Use Industrial purposes
Price US$ 540,00 / MT CIF ASWP
Delivery 12x 200 000MT ( one year contract)
Shipments 25,000.00 (twenty five thousand) metric tons each
Payment Auto-Revolving BG (Bank Guarantee) Unconditional, Irrevocable, Transferable, Divisible each time re-issued by a Top 50 rated bank for the contract value of the MONTHLY deliveries.

Technical specifications
Free Fatty Acid A1V1.25%Max
Moisture and Volatile matters 0.20%Max special
Impurities 0.10%Max
Lecithin (Expressed in Phosphor) 0.02%Max
Sediment (Gardner Break test) 0.10%Max
Unspecified material 1.50%Max
Colour 50yellow Max/5redMax
Oil Flash Point 250: F Min
Ca+Mg content 5ppm Max
Linolenic Acid 12% Max
Polyunsaturated > or = 4 double bonds
methyl esthers 1% Max
Unsaponificable 2% Max
Sulfur content 10ppm Max

1 - Buyer issue LOI and BCL, or LOI with authorization of Soft-Probe.
2 - Seller issues the Draft Contract and send by E-mail to
the Buyer.
3 - Buyer returns signed and sealed the Draft Contract by
4 - Seller issue in 2 days the Hard Copy and send signed
and sealed by E-mail.
5 - Buyer return in 2 days signed and sealed the Hard Copy
by E-mail.
6 - Buyer within 2 Banking days issue an MT-799 for Prove
of Funds (POF) and Seller will send bank to bank the Proof of
Product (POP) . Buyer issue in 7 banking days the BG to
the Seller indicated Bank.
7 - Seller in return issue the 2% Performance Bond.
8 - Schedule of delivery is signed by both Seller and Buyer.
9 - Delivery commence as per contract.

Validity: Five working days