Sell Crude oil(SLCO)

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We have 2 FCO's for Saudi Light/Super Light Crude Oil available.

Super Light:30 million barrels per month for 60
months(+/-5%) with possible rollover
& extensions

Light: 3 million barrels per month for 12
months(+/-5%) with possible rolls &
Price is based on 3 days wire quotations(Dubai's Platt's for crude oil) .

Discount:US$6.00 per barrel(gross) & US$4.00
per barrel(net) .

Commission:We would have to be included on
the Buyer's side for commissions.

US$0.75 p/barrel Sellers side closed
US$0.75 p/barrel Buyer's side
US$0.75 p/barrel ARAMCO-Royalty
Delivery:CIF, ASWP, Guarantees/2%PB from Seller
Inspection:SGS, or equivalent@ seller's cost
Payment: Revolving, Irrevocable, LC in Seller's
Full details, procedures& specs of Crude available.

34 million barrels (SLCO) FOB fixed 46 USD X 12 months also available with spec, procedures/details