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Crushed stone dusting machine by the high standard dusting uniformity substitution arduous artificial work, eliminates the environmental pollution. It has already widespread applicated in maintains project in the highway construction and road, its reasonable and reliable design, guaranteed the precise dusting width and the thickness, the electric appliance control stable is reliable. This product through many scientific researches innovation, the performance is stable, the benefit is remarkable.
This equipment uses in asphalt passes the level, underneath level, crushed stone sealing course, micro course and so on. Stone powder, stone filings and coarse sand which produced in the whole treatment process. This machine composed by 16 cylinders controls, the biggest spray dusting width is 3 meters, the smallest is 20 centimeters, the electrically controlled air cylinder opens shuts as arc shape gate, in order to adjust the dusting width.
The equipment may install in the behind in each kind of unloads vehicle, own air move system and the accumulator cell power supply system completed the power supply by using the automobile power supply. The structure compact is simple, the operation, the installment is convenient and easy. After the work finishes for the demolition, could be fast restores originally from the function which unloads from the vehicle.