Sell Cryogenic Transport Tank

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We are pleased to inform you that following cryogenic transport tank is available.

Constructor of the cryogenics semi trailer : AIR LIQUIDE
Type : SR 18000 - 2.9 bars
pressure vessel part made in 1979 by Air Liquide
Built N0 : 5451/504945/29V
Authorized transport gazes :
Class 2,3A et 0
1951 - Liquid Argon
1073 - Liquid Oxygen
1977 - Liquid nitrogen
Maxim service pressure : 2.9 bars
Pressure test value : 5.85 bars
Service temperature : - 196 0C
Maxi capacity (litres) : 18500 L
Inner vessel material : Stainless steel Z6CNT 18/10)
Design in double envelope vacuum & perlite insulated

Regarding the up-grading of the tanker:

Perlite has been added and vacuum has been re-done.
The vacuum has been checked (Helium test certificates) .
The control cabinet (valves/piping) has been leak-checked.
The running gears (axles, tyres, mechanical suspension, drum breaking
system) are brand new.
The landing gears are brand new.
The painting is new.
Brand new Cryostar pump will be mounted, the standard GBS 155 / 22
kW, with its brand new electrical cabinet, once order placed
Standard warranty will be provided on the unit, as for a brand new one.

Price : US$89,000 FOB Japan

* photos will be sent upon your request.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks & regards,
Pang k. s.