Sell Crystal Clear Screen Protector

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* Improves handwriting recognition
* Protects sensitive touch screen against scratches
* Washable and reusable
* Anti-glare
* Dust repelling
* Fingerprint free
* Bubble-free

Installation instructions:
* Clean handheld screen with the cloth provided in a dust -free environment. Do
not use cleaning agents
* Peel and fold the plastic backing about an inch away, make sure the sticky side
is facing down and not touched with your fingers
* Align the screen guard onto the screen then gently press down the upper portion
of the sticky side and slowly work your way downwards until the backing is off
for realignment, lift the screen guard and reply
* Gently use the provided installation card over the screen; push out any air bubbles
forwards the nearest edge

LCD screen guard performance parameter from physical, character form of optical materials:
* Use and material: use form LCD screen protective, PET material, silica gel adsorption
* Reduces the strain of your eyes by blocking 99% of the UV emitted from your LCD
* Strongpoint of material: surface is able to bear scratch (4H) , not be stained
with finger mark, average photic percentage is stable (90%) , stabilization is high