Sell Crystal Clock Oscillator DIP14

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High frequency, High reliability, Tri-state function
TTL, CMOS output
Suitable as a standard clock for office automation equipment

General Specification:
Model DIP14
Frequency range 1~125MHz
Frequency stability 120ppm~1100ppm
Operating temp range 00~1700
Storage temp range -550~11250
Output load 1~10TTL or CMOS 15~50pf
Input current 10mA max 1~4MHz
30mA max 4~32MHz
45mA max 32~80MHz
60mA max 80~125MHz
Input voltage 3.0vdc10.3v, +5.0vdc10.5
Symmetry 45%~55%,40%~60%
Rise/fall time 5ns typioal,10ns max

"0" Level TTL | CMOS
0.4v max | 10%vdd max
"1" Level 2.4v min | 90%vdd min
Special specifications are available as customer
DIP14 Dimension (mm)
16Metallized Film
Name:Metallized Film
Item:Metallized Film
1. Type
Al/Zn Metallized film
Al Metallized film
Safety Anti-explosion Film
2. Application
Applied to capacitors for power system, refrigerators and air conditioners
3. Aluminum/Zinc film with reinforced edge