Sell Crystal Grill

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The excellent performance of Crystal barbecue/Crystal Grill :
1. The far- infrared emit by Crystal can eliminate the peculiar smell from meat
2. The Crystal barbecue like jewel can bake appetizing food
3. The tray of Crystal barbecue can killed baleful matter when its baking
4. The tray of Crystal barbecue has the function of constant temperature which could keep meat fresh and well test
5. When its baking, the Crystal could not be swale and adhibit the board , it also convenient for washing after dinner
6. The content of Silica occupy more than 99% in Original Crystal
7. In Crystal with high purity , the crystal was totally different with glass (fiber crystal like cloud)
8. The Crystal is mineral material with high strength. ( It could be melt under the high-temperature with 1700*c, so it was not broke and metamorphosed easily by normally hot up)