Sell Crystal Resonators HC-49US

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Resistance welding; Low power; High stability; Wide frequency range

General Specification

Nominal frequency 3.5000~80.000MHz
Mode of vibration Fundament 3.5~30.0MHz 3rd Overtone 30~80MHz 20.0~40MHz
Crt Type AT AT BT
Frequency tolerance 120ppm, 130ppm, 150ppm
Frequency stability 120ppm, 130ppm, 150ppm 1100ppm
Load capacitance 8pf~33pf, series
Shunt capacitance 7.0pf max
Drive level 0.01~2.0mw max
Insulation resistance 500M(Ohms)Min/100115VDC
Resonance resistance See table
Operating temperature A) -100~+600 B) -200~+700 C) -300~+800 D) -400~+850
Aging <=5ppm/ year
(Special specifications are available as customer)