Sell Crystal digit-display cutting machine

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Model Number:QZYX-92
1) Max. cutting width: 92cm
2) Max. cutting length: 92cm
3) Max. cutting height: 11cm
4) motor power: 3kW
5) Weight: 2,500kg
6) Cutting speed: 40 times/min
7) Overall dimensions (L x W x H) : 235 cmx 148cm x 170cm

Packing:Wooden box

This machine fethees solid smicture, attractive aPpearance, swift cnding and pressore adjustability etc. Wde screen LCD digital display is more environment-friendly and has a longer service life as well as accurate readings. PaPer feeds are positioned by way of gUide rail mechanism with a chrOme plated worktable equiPped with air cushion. Fllrthermore, functions such as infrared protective devices, tWo-hand linkage button, safe and swift blade rePlacement devices, blade prottuding devices and cutting bed connecting bar safety bolts etc can greatly enhance the safety and operability of this series of machines, Which are the ideal equiPment for printing houses and package plans to reaP profits.