Sell Crystal rainbow clay - soil substitute

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SHIN-ZI Rainbow Crystal Clay is a high-tech product  super absorbent polymer produced by our company. It has excellent water absorbing capacity and gorgeous colors. It can absorb and retain lots of water and nutritive elements, and release slowly and absorb repeatedly. The product is shining and colorful after absorb of water and looks like crystal, thus it can be used for planting and decoration.

The biggest characteristics of Rainbow Crystal Clay is that it does not need soil and it is clean and without ants and bugs and it makes no water pollution.
In planting period, you do not need water and fertilize frequently, what you need todo is to spray some water and leaf fertilizer occasionally to ensure the necessary moisture and nutrition. SHIN-ZI Rainbow Crystal Clay is non-poisonous and inodorous and under certain conditions, it can degrade into small inorganic-
elements that can be absorbed by the plant such as water, carbon dioxide, ammonia. etc. , thus it is a green and environment protecting high-tech product.
Brand Name
crystal rainbow clay