Sell Cube stone

Cube stone
Detailed Product Description

1) Material: G3750, GA3754, G3783, G3741
2) Colors: black, yellow, light grey, red
3) Sizes:
a) 5 - 7cm
b) 6 - 8cm
c) 9 - 11cm
d) 14 x 14 x 20cm
e) 16 / 16cm
f) Other sizes available upon request
4) Finish:
a) Handmade all sides natural split surface (tolerance: +/-1cm)
b) Machine cut and top surface B/H or flamed (tolerance: +/-0.5cm)
5) Large quantities of more than 5000MT can be shipped in a bulk vessel
6) Usage: Widely used for construction in gardens, commercial and residential
building areas, plazas, seacoast, railway stations and ports
7) Size, volume, numbers for 26MT:
a) 4/6, 196sqm, 78400pcs
b) 7/9, 122sqm, 19140pcs
c) 9/11, 98sqm, 9800pcs
d) 20 x 14 x 14mm, 70sqm, 2,500pcs
e) 16 x 16 x 16mm, 61sqm, 2,400pcs

Inner packing:
1.2-1.5MT/PP bag

Outer packing:
Wooden crate

Qty/20' FCL: 26MT
Brand Name
Minimum Order Quantity
1X20' FCL
Terms of Payment