Sell Current-voltage characteristics laboratory apparatus of nonlinear element

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Measurement of current-voltage characteristics curve of nonlinear element is an important course in fundamental physical experiment in colleges and universities, and also one of experimental technique of electromagnetism often used in scientific research. This laboratory apparatus is designed based on the requirements of several electricity experiments included in college teaching program. It embodies the following advantages:
1. Visible and easy understand by students due to the element, instrument and power supply employed by the apparatus are assembled independently;
2. Rich experimental content and high availability of apparatus for that it can fulfill three or four kinds of dc experiments;
3. High accuracy in measurement for that it is equipped with voltage or current vernier device, which can provide a small interval of data point during measuring current-voltage characteristics curve;
4. Reliable both in apparatus and element for that it is equipped with protective resistor to make the current of the tested element not beyond limiting current in result to damage the element.
The apparatus is capable of doing the following experiments:
1. Voltage division and current-produced;
2. Current-voltage characteristics of linear and nonlinear elements (resistor, diode and voltage stabilizer tube) ;
3. Current illumination characteristic of LED;
4. Current-voltage characteristics curve of other elements (light-sensitive diode and silicon photocell) by request due to a socket for general purpose equipped with (the element is self-prepared or selected to buy) .