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"The lastest invention of Hi-tech medical products

1. Quick hemostasia: the glue can coagulate the blood and cover the wound completely.
2. Fast healing: the wound will heal repidly under the tight bond of the adhesvie film.
3. Prevent wound from infection: it block the wound from contact with bateria.
4. Enable the scar smaller than other tradition treatment.
5. Applicable for all types of wounds, ulcers, bleeding wound, superficial burn and external wound.

* Characteristic:
1. Nontoxic, environmental standard. No contain heavy metals, triphenyl, and hazardous solution.
2. ISO 14001 and SGS quality certificate, EU standard.
3. Convenient for family, personal use, travelling.

* Other info. :
1. Brand: Masterbond, FXbond.
2. Color: clear
3. Specification: 10g+/-0.3g; 20g+/-0.5g"