Sell Cut-off Head (HLC 25-200)

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Part of the paper tube winder with multi
functions as high-precise, quick-speed,
completely opens the cut-off bottleneck of paper tube winder.

1) High-quality cutting:
a) Double circular-knives cutting, without
wastepaper and the second trim
b) The precise tube length under the
different speeds
c) Reduces the loss
d) Tube guiding system controls the linear
and successional production
e) Finishes the tube with 15mm wall width
under high-speed
2) More safety:
a) Replaces the operation of opening the
safe hood by adjusting the cutting-off
system operations or the touch-screen
during the productive process
b) The dangerous parts are all under the
safe hood
c) Automatically gives an alarm and stops
working when the bottom-ply breaking off
3) Convenient operations:
a) Uses the touch-screen to set the tube
length (according to the demanded length)
b) The cut-off operation carried by the
Chinese display touch-screen
c) Strong adaptability to adapt various
paper tube equipment.